Tuesday, March 13, 2007

FOX News shocked to learn it is neither fair nor balanced

FOX News is in an odd place today. They are the conservative signal rock in the media, but they are a balanced and open place for all to come. Some might call it schizophrenic, or some psyche term. But if they act one way and claim to be another way, isn't it just a matter of being in a political closet.


Markos goes into the details, but I will note one point. FOX is complaining that liberals are afraid to go on FOX, but at the same time they claim that FOX isn't a conservative network. Well, then why would liberals be afraid to go on FOX when they go on every other network?


FOX got caught in the media henhouse, and it's no longer going to be treated as real media when in fact it's nothing more than the propaganda arm of the far-right of the Republican party. Just remember folks, FOX has been telling the nation for 4 years that the war in Iraq is actually going really well, but the mainstream media is lying to you. Now ask yourself how the war is really going, and then ask yourself why FOX told you otherwise.
And if you have watched FOX News you most likely seen a gaggle of old white guys at some point sitting around a table laughing and saying that the liberals will see when things turn around in Iraq. Oh, just wait and see. How many years in? And how many of them are the ones who still think we were on the verge of winning in 'Nam?

Paging Miss Havisham, Miss Havisham. Your party is waiting for you by the FOX News bar. Paging Miss Havisham.

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