Saturday, March 17, 2007

Emanuel is already On Notice...what's next?

My Left Wing has an interesting look at Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois. He has been telling the junior members of Congress...well he has been telling them a lot of things. Primarily he focuses on everything they should not do.

Yes, he is the older brother who ruins your first months of high school or college, freaking you out about all the things that will go wrong.

And when you don't do as he says, he spazzes.

One of Emanuel's chief orders...suggestions? Do not...ever...for your life's sake...

...go on The Colbert Report.


Not avoid riding in the elevator with Thune, he's gassy. Or, never eat the blue jello. No, it is don't go on one of the most popular interview shows that focuses a lot on politics and has a host that likes democrats.

The man is brilliant.

Honestly--How bizarro does your world have to be, and what kind of fantasy bubble must you be living in, for your advice as a leading Democrat to the Democratic faithful is go on Fox, but stay off of Colbert? What kind of total short-sighted idiocy is that

Emanuel was, I believe, already On Notice with Colbert. Will he now move over to Dead To Me? Colbert can play rough. And he has a lot of lists.

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