Tuesday, March 27, 2007


BREAKING NEWS! Dennis Miller isn't funny...and Franco's still dead.
That is an old joke. but it gives me more of a laugh then Dennis Miller. I remember once finding him humorous. He did obscure pop and historic references, peppered around simple cultural commentary. It wasn't the greatest stuff, but fun and interesting...at times.
But, as most of us have seen, he ain't been funny for years. Is it 9-11, or ages? I can't say for sure.
But watching his tonight in The Daily Show, it is clear he is just not funny.
He made some obscure references, but the focus was on the fact Democrats suck. Pelosi blinks. Byrd's old. Reid's dead. YAWN!
That stuff can be funny. Sure, it can be. But you see clearly that that is the sole focus for Miller. What about Boehner, the name alone. Or, how about Hastert or Delay? Nope. All his venom is for one party. And it is venom. He hates them. It is like listening to Limbaugh mock Michael J. Fox or the Elizabeth Edwards. Or, O'Reilly call for boycotts and misfortune. Their is no mirth or real humor. Just hate.
Which is why is not in Stewart's or Colbert's league. They have a sense of humor and a zeal to go after any side.
And that is why we can usually find Miller doing conservative meeting, Republican get togethers, and political campaign stops. He has found his niche.

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