Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bill O'Reilly's elementary school record called into question; he never learned the meaning of shame.

Like Beck, Hannity, and Coulter, Bill O'Reilly is a foul individual. He likes to say horrible things. But then he denies them. The video ands audio records exist and are passed around. But he never admits his fault, stupidity, arrogance, or vanity.

Like with Shawn Hornbeck, and his claims and slander against the child, he is after more kids. This time they are ones that are dead.

Brave man, that Bill O.

Keith Olbermann has been calling him out on it as he went after those that died in the Bronx fire last week that took the lives of a mother and several young children.

The first time (Crooks and Liars has more comments and video):
Bill O'Reilly-
In the "Unresolved Problem" segment tonight, a new tactic by the pro-amnesty, open-border crowd: using children to demand sanctuary for illegal aliens.

In New York City, eight children were killed last night after a fire broke out in the Bronx. Twenty-two people were living in just two apartments, 17 of them children.

Those involved are from the West African nation of Mali and may be illegal aliens. The city of New York is a sanctuary city and does not give out that information.

Four New York City firefighters were hurt trying to save people in the blaze.

What a sweetheart. Maybe they are illegal, maybe they aren't. But since it helps Bill is helped if they are, he'll just assume so. Gosh,why doesn't he win awards again? And firefighters were hurt...helping the illegals. What a prince! Eight kids died a horrible can it help Bill O. And he thinks the Secular Progressives are the great threat to America. Yeesch!

The second time at bat (Crooks and Liars, with comments and video):
Repeating the pattern evidenced in the Hornbeck situation, O'Reilly made asinine, inflammatory, and heartless remarks about the dead children's legal status. When he caught flak from a former fan, he lashed out in an ugly tirade with generalizations and leaps of logic that made no sense. After the cooling down period, when he expects his followers to forgive and forget, he is twisting his own record to appear saddened over the deaths - though he has yet to show any compassion or sympathy to the grieving parents. Tonight he tried to equate the fiery deaths of the children to people who have died in the desert trying to sneak into this country, all under the umbrella of "chaotic" illigal immigration policies.

It is just sick. He has no evidence or reason to call them this, or make claims against them. But the world is FULL of those O'Reilly has gone after for little to no reason.

He is just digging in deeper. The man really seems to need some help.

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