Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An interesting animated short on Superman's 75th.

As part of their look at Superman's 75th Anniversary, DC has put out an interesting and enjoyable race through the last 75 years of the Man of Steel.

It is fun, in how it breezily races through his various incarnations from comics to cartoons to live action. All compressed into just over 2 minutes. If you are interested, DC did make some annotation of what the various aspects of the short represent from Clark's history.

Still, noticeably underused is Lois Lane. Her only appearances are in a flash of a legion of characters right at the start, and in a crowd scene representing the 90's animated series. The character has been there from the start, been a constant companion, and his wife, but she is hardly of note in the short. The individual villains get more attention. Heck, Jimmy Olson gets a more genuine shot out and moment. I can't help but think Lois's fanbase will be a bit insulted. Hell, they show the Doomsday fight and cut to the image of his cape hanging in the wind, not to the iconic image of Lois holding his body. Why?

Still, as a narrowly focused look at Superman, smoothly transitioning through his decades, it is impressive. If they'd shown Lois's evolution and impact along the way, it would have been near perfect.

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