Friday, October 18, 2013

Finally a horror movie that makes sense.

Hell No.

This is quite brilliant. Perfect for a laugh as we approach Halloween. The horror movie where people do the smart and logical things. So everyone gets to live.

Finally the movie where:

  • The kids skip out on the creepy cabin, and go to a resort to party.
  • The guy doesn't go with the hot girl to the abandoned asylum to impress her.
  • The kid that won't open the evil puzzle box.
  • The guy that won't watch the tape that will kill you, and then destroys the tape just to be sure.
  • The mayor that just closes the beaches to be safe.
  • The group that doesn't want to split up.
  • The cop that will wait for back up.
  • The guy that just drops the camera and runs.
  • The gal that just shots the maniac. Then shoots him again with something even bigger.

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