Saturday, October 05, 2013

Why are some conservatives crying about getting what they wanted?

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Republicans continue to keep the United States government in shutdown. It means that nearly a million people are out of work. A million more are working without pay. And the dominoes continue fall from there, as business that works with government is impacted.

And this leads to a loss of services. Cut off access to health care, parks, basic nutrition, and regulation.

Republicans has tried to play angry and frustrated at what happen. They act like they haven't brought this bought. They act like they don't want this state of governance.

But they can restart government, with one vote in the House, right now. They tell us they need to do this to us, that it's bad, horrible, and needs to stop, but...

But the conservative mindset that caused this shutdown is still on display with what is being yelled out by the conservative media faces.

Stuart Varney, over at FOX News, is so excited at all the federal workers that are out of work, or not getting paid. It is a grand day to him.

He wants "them" all punished. They are living large. They are taking his money, and have a better life than people like Varney.

It's really delusional, dishonest, or he knows nothing but his personal rhetoric. He does live in a bubble, where he constantly laments how bad business has it in America, victims of a bid mean government. It is so far outside the realm of reality that he belongs on FOX News...Hence his job.

Rush Limbaugh is enjoying it as well. It gives him an excuse (like he needs one) to be a foul racist. He is eager to mock the poor. Those in need help are his favorite victims, because his audience embraces the contempt.

Some representatives might want to say that these people don't represent them.

But then we have the simple truth that the people harping on how "those liberals" want and caused this shutdown, have been planning and talking about this shutdown for years now.

This has been there cause for years now.

As Robert Reich noted, this is everything the far right of the Republican party has wanted for years now. The EPA is down. OSHA is down. The SEC is down. It's like Christmas for libertarians AND the far right.

Some are saying this is just because of the Tea Party, but isn't this stuff the GOP has wanted to go after since at least the last time they did this 20 years ago?

And this is on top of sequestration. That is already slashing into support. But now government is largely on standby mode. Just the may conservatives say it should be (except when it's needed to go after women, gays, and black people).

So maybe this is all about seriously addressing budgets, from a far right perspective (as dumb and dangerous and damning as it is).

Then there's the Tea Party Republicans who think government should close, that government should stop wasting taxes, and, as they don't work, they should get their full pay checks.

Renee Ellmers of North Carolina. She just needs it.
“I need my paycheck. That’s the bottom line.”
That is so deep. It's a need she has. And she has to have that money. All the people that usually work at the Capitol who aren't now getting paid, who are now struggling in the same city as Ellmers? Screw them.

Sure things are serious and this is a battle of principles...But she has got to get paid!

Lee Terry of Nebraska. He just needs to get paid:
"Whatever gets them good press. That's all that it's going to be. God bless them. But you know what? I've got a nice house and a kid in college, and I'll tell you we cannot handle it. Giving our paycheck away when you still worked and earned it? That's just not going to fly."
He's earned it. But all those other government workers (doctors, rangers, security, accountants, secretaries, etc.)? Waste.

He's representing the Omaha area! That is one of the more liberal parts of Nebraska. Let's get rid of this guy, and get in someone better.

What is going on?

An ill-formed philosophy is at work in Washington. It's infected the GOP. And, seeing as a path to power, they fostered it. Now they fear resisting it's call to doom, for fear of loosing power. So men and women like Boehner, choose shutdown fights, theatrics, and empty rhetoric, in hope of appeasing, for just a few days, the worst aspects of their party. To stay in office, to stay in authority, they cede that authority and reasoned governance.

Like the deal with a devil or genie, they have taken a rotten deal, and just choose to ignore the horrific repercussions. After all, they were promised a cushy spot at a law firm to ride out those.

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