Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Horror Of...Tremors 2, In Short

We often say it's a bad sign when a sequel is coming out. Often they are cash grabs or contractually obliged work or just stretching an already flimsy ideas stretched beyond capacity. But sometimes they there is more story to tell, sometimes their is any interesting take on the material to be had.

And sometimes it's just a fun idea.

Tremors 2

I know I should just point to the original. It's a good movie. But this, to me, is the more fun movie. 

The movie is a continuation of the ongoing resurgence of an ancient predator, who people call Graboids. Last time they had thought they'd wiped out the threat. But they are appearing elsewhere in the world.

In this movie, it is in Mexico. You get the drinks. I'll get some sugar free gum. We are going on a road trip!

Many of the characters from the last movie are missing from this movie. Some have moved on in their lives, and others are waiting for another sequel for their turn.

But the focus for this sequel is on Earl Bassett, played by Fred Ward. 

As well, Burt Gummer, played Michael Gross, is returned with more firepower.

New to the series is Grady Hoover, played by Christopher Gartin. He's Earl's new sidekick, who manages to not annoy, and actually prove an enjoyable addition to the series.

 Kate Reilly, played by Helen Shaver, is a geologist helping to analyze the Graboid and their environment. Another character you actually like, and aren't hoping to see get devoured.

The movie opens showing that the Graboids have emerged in Mexico, in a major oil field. This leads the company to seek out help in getting rid of the threat. And that means heading to Perfection, Nevada, the place a small group survived and wiped out a similar Graboid blight.

And soon enough, we find ourselves with Earl, who is disturbed by the news. He is also uninterested in getting killed fighting the creatures again.

Grady, who drove the taxi with the Oil Representative, jumps in and coaxes Earl to try, for a second chance to actually profit from his experiences. And then Grady gets himself involved in the danger, and money.

Soon the pair are down in Mexico, and meeting the team of people that are still on the oil field, who will be supporting them as they work.

And quick enough they are out hunting.

But while they have a strategy for killing graboids, they are utterly unaware that the graboids are far more complicated, waiting to metamorphose into a completely new danger. One that may sweep out across the continent.

Will the team survive the new threat? You'll have to check the movie out and find out this Halloween.

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