Friday, October 18, 2013

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Title Sequences, Part 2

Another 5 years of the Treehouse of Horror. The historic walk through the tiles of The Simpsons' Halloween Specials continue. 

This takes us up to the 10 anniversary of this annual event. And it takes us up to 1999, closing out the decade (Okay, 2000 does that.). It was a time for a variety of approaches to the show's title sequence.

To see the first 5 years, check this post.

So let's close out the 90's (kinda):

1995 - Treehouse of Horror 6

1996 - Treehouse of Horror 7

1997 - Treehouse of Horror 8

1998 - Treehouse of Horror 9

1999 - Treehouse of Horror 10

I'll be continuing this endeavor through the end of Halloween. So we'll see if I can get all the way up to present before November arrives. We'll all see in future posts, or you can wait for them to arise individually on Tumblr.

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