Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coming Soon. The Doctor's An Adventure in Space and Time

The Doctor and his granddaughter Susan, at the controls
of the TARDIS.
Along with the upcoming The Day of the Doctor for the upcoming 50th anniversary, we will also be seeing an interesting docudrama. An Adventure in Space and Time.

The docudrama is being made by Mark Gatiss. It will look at the start of Doctor Who. We will see the efforts of Verity Lambert. Also the work of William Hartnell, and the rest of the cast that started it all.

Here are some of the images from on set and behind the scenes.

Barbara and Ian
David Bradley is playing William Hartnell, the actor who portrayed the First Doctor. And he looks great in the role. As does the rest of the cast. It is almost eerie how nicely they fit. Claudia Grant plays Carole Ann Ford, who played Susan on the show. Jemma Powell plays Jacqueline Hill, who played Barbara on the show. Jamie Glover plays William Russell, who played Ian on the show. Jessica Raine plays Verity Lambert, one of the show's producers. Brian Cox is playing Sydney Newman, the head of BBC Drama.

Director Waris Hussein and Producer Verity Lambert
And it's nice to have Verity Lambert get some love, with all the work she did in the early years to help establish Doctor Who.

The Doctor's first appearance on screen.

It will be interesting to see the finished product.

And it does kind of make you wish they'd make some episodes of the First Doctor. Sacrilege!

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