Monday, October 28, 2013

The Horror Of...Pumpkinhead, In Short

Perhaps it's time to resurrect another 80's movie monster? Not one of those that has stayed with people over the decades since. But something that hasn't really traveled well since. (Okay, it's sequel came out in the 90's. AND 2 SyFy channel movies were made several years ago...But, come on, we all block out the last two.) I, of course, am speaking of...


Now doesn't that sound like a choice movie for Halloween?

Pumpkinhead is a late 80's horror movie that centers on the issues of revenge and justice. Earl, played by fan favorite Lance Henriksen, is a local shop owner. He tries to live right, be kind, and raise his young son the best he can.

One day some city folk come through. While he's away from his store, they unintentionally fatally injure his son, while playing around on motorbikes. The one who hit the child flees, afraid of getting into trouble. But the rest do stay. But what do you say when you're standing over the dying child of a man?

Earl scoops up his son and takes him home. He tries his best, but the boy dies.

Distraught he seeks a remedy for his pain. He wants those that killed his boy to suffer. So he goes to the local old lady with all the magic. And she has him engage in a long series of rituals.

The result of this is that Pumpkinhead is risen.

And now that it's up, it's out to enact it's bloody vengence on all that were involved in the death of the boy.

It's an interesting creature. And deadly. Can any of it's intended victims survive it? Is there a way to stop Pumpkinhead? And, when Earl realizes that what he's done now means he will see and feel every death that the creature brings about, how will that change him?

 This is such an interesting movie. And if you want to see where Earl's pain and sense of injustice takes him, and those stalked by Pumpkinhead, you'll have to check this movie out.

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