Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Horror Of...Fright Night (1985), In Short

Now what is a fun movie to watch on the weekend, for some horror fun? Something a but 80's. Something a but terrifying. Something with a generous portion of Roddy McDowall.

Welcome to...

Fright Night

While we've since seen some remakes of this movie, we are talking about the original.

It gives us William Ragsdale as Charley Brewster. Our pissy and freaked out teen hero.

Amy Peterson, the put upon girlfriend, is played by Amanda Bearse.

Evil Ed, Charley's annoying yet honest friend, is played by Stephen Geoffreys.

And, then the Great Peter Vincent, vampire hunter...of old movies, played by Roddy McDowall. In the original, Peter Vincent was an actor turned Horror Host, which is just adds to the pertinence of this movie.

Then we have our frights. This is lead by Jerry Dandrige (Who could be afraid of a Jerry?), played by Chris Sarandon. He is great in this movie.

 And then there's his lackey, Billy Cole, played by Jonathan Stark. Every vampire should have a lackey on hand. Not sure why they often don't have them.

The movie shows on that Charley, while eager to have sex and be a man, is an avid fan of horror and in a particular Horror Host show, Fright Night. ...I can't relate at all... At this time he also sees that the house next door has a new owner.

And he also notices that women keep coming to the house, and not leaving.

When he starts investigating what his neighbor is up to, he thinks he has an answer.

Jerry's a vampire! But who is going to believe that? It sounds crazy!

But worse than discovering a vampire next door? The vampire discovering you!

What will Charley do? And who will fall prey to Jerry!

You'll just have to see for yourself. Can you survive Fright Night?

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