Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Horror Of...The Prophecy, In Short

Religious horror comes in a number of flavors. You have the horribly made religious movies. You have the horribly offensive religious movies. And then you have horror movies with a religious tone or topic. When these last ones are done with an eye towards horror they are pleasant viewing, when done with a bit of a missionary zeal they are more the comedy.

Thankfully, the movie I have in mind today is one that is quite pleasant viewing...

The Prophecy

The Prophecy is a 1995 movie that deals with humans who are drawn into an ancient conflict amongst the angels of Heaven.

Drawing humanity into this conflict are the opposing angels Simon and Gabriel. Simon is played by Eric Stolz. Gabriel is played by Christopher Walken. They both are hunting for something that is meant to bring an end to the heavenly conflict.

But what is it?

As there conflict on Earth escalates, they draw in pawns to act. Elias Kotias plays Thomas Dagget. He's a man who went into the priesthood, but fled it after having dark visions. He ends up a cop in the Los Angeles. He is visited early on by Simon, to start him on his path to try and stop Gabriel.

Virginia Madsen plays Katherine. She's a teacher at the elementary school in Chimney Rock. There she teaches Mary, a Native student.

Mary is played by Moriah Shining Dove Snyder. She is chosen by Simon to be a very vital pawn in the games of Heaven.

And Katherine is determined to find out what has happen to her, and protect her.

And then there's Jerry. He's played by Adam Goldberg. He's undead. And being stuck in that state makes him an eager agent of Gabriel, hoping he'll finally let Jerry die. He acts as Gabriel's hands in many situations.

With all the players on the board, a life and death struggle for humanity and a little girl begins.

In this film, the angels prove to be an interesting set. They have an interesting style, manner, and power set. They are extremely hard to hurt or kill. Though they can die and suffer by interesting and gruesome means.

And wait until Gabriel finally starts shushing people. It's fun.

But what is the deal with how they sit?

The main question to consider is, what is Mary being used for? And, what is the end game that Gabriel is playing for?

And what does a recently deceased general have to do with this struggle?

Also who is this? (Hey Viggo!)

Guess you will have to see the movie to see what happens, when angels go bad.

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