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Sleepy Hollow Review - Episode 5 - John Doe - "Who invited Cousin Oliver?" *UPDATED*


How have I not noticed all weekend that I called this episode 7?

Cousin Oliver? Anyone? ...I do want to apologize to Robert Rist (Cousin Oliver). Nothing against him, as he knows well, the character he played has become a meme. And it shouldn't reflect on him.

Also, I wish I had gotten this out earlier, but...cough cough...? AND, I wanted to finish up some other posts, and this is the last episode for nearly a month, so I wanted to savor it some.

Going into this weeks episode of Sleepy Hollow, the show is in an awkward position. The last episode was a huge one. We got answers. We got new mysteries. We got the Mills sisters reunited. We got the gates to Hell opening for a moment. It's been a buildup over 4 episodes. And now, things have to be a little quieter. Less action. Fewer answers. Some pieces have to be casually moved on the plot game board.

But there is some business still to accomplish this episode for the main cast. After the first two episodes (which acted primarily to establish location, characters, and the status quo. -- While being two great episodes.), stories have been interested in Abbie's growth into her role as a Witness (That term is never going to stop being weird to me.). In the third episode she had to embrace her faults, her mistakes, and come to some peace. The fourth episode dealt with her finally facing her sister and finally pursuing corrections for her mistakes. As a whole, this means her past has stopped haunting her, and she can focus on the present and coming danger. Now she is going to have to learn and embrace the rules of her role. and learn to tackle the unreal threats that will be coming.

The episode is slow, compared to the last episode. But it nicely pairs that inevitability with a strange mystery, and a B-Plot that has finally arose. And I am thinking it was best left to now.

But let's look at the events of "John Doe", and see what I mean.

Little girl out in the haunted woods,
picking flowers? If you ask me, I'd
say she's up to something.
It's kind of sad. Kid walks around all the
time hoping he'll get picked to star in a
prequel to Voyagers!
But she's not alone. There's a young boy watching here. 

She sees him and asks him to play, and runs off. He follows her, but she vanishes behind a tree. Standing out in the open, he realizes something is coming.

And that's why you don't listen to "Enter Sandman",
before going to bed.
And it's a hell of a something. A terrifying horseman races out of mists at him. His helmet seems to be a build that would have originated in Asia, long ago. He carries a bow in one hand. So I can't help thinking he's supposed to look like a Mongol horseman, probably like one that served a khan (No! Won't make the joke.). If we are guessing at this point, he's another of the 4 Horseman, that the great headless one used to pal around with.

The boy runs and runs, trying to escape. But the guy behind him is on a galloping horse...but he never catches up to him. He stays back, and the kid is driven on. (Or, it's action movie physics.)

Spotting tourist in an RV, the
horseman doesn't seem so bad.
Passing through some more trees, the kid finally finds himself on a highway. Looking back, he continues running, now down the road. The horseman reaches the road, and seems to bursts into dust/ashes.

 Can it not escape the forest? Or, was it just done with what it was trying to do?
Meanwhile, at the Ponderosa...or rather at the lakeside cabin of the deceased sheriff, Abbie and Ichabod arrive. It seems they've decided to move Ichabod into the cabin. He's no longer loving the motel lifestyle. So they've got some supplies and are setting Ichabod up with some space. I guess that Clancy Brown never told people about the cabin. So his family aren't interested in it. And, I guess, it's not a crime scene from the attack and/or suicide by cyanide in the last episode.

"Well, hello there."
The duo seem to have slipped into a little more of a low key mode since the events of that last episode. They joke a little, and Abbie chides Ichabod to just ask if he isn't grasping words or ideas. But sitting down, Ichabod is wondering how he is fitting in. He seems to have gotten to a place that he's contemplating that he is in the future, and that's not changing. 

"No, Ichabod! Bad! Down!"
He then wrestles with a razor package, as we all have. He goes caveman on it, until Abbie takes it from him and just cuts off the side of the plastic container.

She comments that maybe they were just meant to find the cabin, by the sheriff, and use it. Ichabod says it's good to see she has faith. She is believing, but doesn't want to give up her better judgement. (Which sounds sane.)

Then, Abbie gets radioed about the kid, he got to the edge of town, and collapsed. So she heads out. Ichabod joins her, deciding that it could be something tied to their cause. Faith. (Plot convenience. In the script. You decide.) But it does explain why he's always eager to come with her to crime scenes...other than being bored (Looking at you Detective Comics #27 Bruce Wayne.).

The grim results of making a face
too long.
So they head to the spot. And learn that the kid came running out of the forest, and collapsed. The EMT's are looking at the kid, trying to revive him. It's curious, but not too weird. They just need to find out who he is, and where his family is.

"Is he at least a mystery writer
following you for a book he's working
Also at the scene is Abbie's Ex. His name is Luke Morales, a fact I haven't bothered with before. But his part of the story seems to be moving now, so...Morales is concerned that she brought Ichabod. Wondering why he's still around.

Well, I guess we know how to treat
this...Get the chainsaw.
But Ichabod is focused on what is going on with the kid. He watches the kid, and notes that he has strange black veins on his arms. No one recognizes the cause of this.

Ichabod also hears the kid mumble something. He reacts to it and says something back, unintelligible to viewers. They take the kid away, to a hospital. And Abbie wants to know what he was saying and what language the kid was speaking in.

Ichabod explains, it was Middle English. A language common in the Middle Ages (400 CE - 1400 CE).

And the title sequence!

"It's call chat roulette, Ichabod. And
you have to stop using my computer
 to look at it."
Back from commercials Ichabod waits as Abbie does a system search for the mystery kid. He distracts himself a bit with a piece of tape, and then is surprised, seeing how large a list there is of missing children. Sad reality.

She comments that it's called kidnapping, and I was going to rush and point out that Robert Louise Stephenson's Kidnapped had long since come out in Ichabod's time...but it came out a century I showed me. But, really, she is being sarcastic. It's an ongoing thing between Abbie and Ichabod this episode.

Irving walks up and says that since the kid has no name, he remains a John Doe (or is it John Die! ...Wow. Another miss.). Abbie tries to explain things again, and Ichabod explains back that the John Doe concept is many centuries old. Irving is seeming pretty dry about what is going on. It feels ridiculous to him, but he knows that the situation is still quite real.

Seeing as the kid seems to speak an antiquated English, and no one around town speaks it, they need Ichabod to go and interview the kid. They need answers. Particularly since the black veins on him are a mystery, and the CDC is sending people to town to determine if there is a medical threat.

While Abbie and Ichabod head out, Morales comes to talk to Irving. He just doesn't get why Ichabod is around, constantly working on cases. He was a suspect, and now he's some kind of consultant. 

Irving suggest this may have to do with Abbie. And it might. But a one time suspect on an unsolved murder spree is inexplicably allowed to operate inside law enforcement? It isn't crazy to be suspicious...or, at least, curious about what is really happening.

But Irving tells him to stop asking, and to focus on the case at hand. And that's a valid point to, because they have an emergency.

"I know you can look through it. But it is a wall."
At the hospital, they are putting up the magic plastic walls of medical safety (They do work. I'm being flippant.). Ichabod is bothered by the plastic all over the place. And is worried about what the kid will make of this.

They meet the guy from the CDC, and he's very matter of fact, they need to know who he is, where he's been, what he's eaten, etc.

And Ichabod is hostile to the questions, wanting to connect with the kid.

Don't worry kid. If you don't look at him he can't
swallow your soul.
So he gets on a computer, and is told to talk into a camera, which is an unusual experience he struggles with.

But he tries to get the kid to talk. And finally does. He says that he is Thomas. 

He was supposed to stay where he was, but left with the girl (the evil girl -- Boys.). 

Abbie tries to rationalize that Thomas was being held somewhere secluded and was taught an obscure language, to keep him isolated. It seems far fetched. But is it more or less far fetched than thinking he may have time traveled to the present?

... I swear. If this turns out to be his dirt bike's name...
They ask him where he's from. And he gives then an answer. Roanoke.

The CDC races to check out Roanoke, Virginia for answers. But Ichabod has another possible answer.

The Lost Colony. (That would have been a cooler episode title. Just sayin'.)

"I remember John White, he was a
good friend..."
Pictured. World Champion
Hide-And-Seek team.
To discuss what he means, Ichabod heads back to the Archive, which is looking spruced up. 

To lay out the take, Ichabod flashes back to it...Despite the fact it was before his time...

He explains it was the first British colony in the New World. It was led by John White. His daughter gave birth to the first British child born in the Americas. White left the colony to get additional supplies, when he returns three years later, everyone was gone. 

And then Ichabod speculates that maybe the missing people may have relocated to Sleepy Hollow. Abbie isn't buying it. 

NC Collection - UNC Chapel Hill
Roanoke Colony. Let's talk about the actual history here, and what we know, or think happen.

Roanoke was a site used repeatedly in attempts to found the first British colony in the New World. Sir Walter Raleigh was financing the attempt. Do to certain events, Raleigh had gained a charter from the crown to establish colonies in North America. If he did not establish at least one colony, and maintain it, he would loose his charter and right to control and profit from future endeavors.

So the first exploration was sent. They established a fort on Roanoke, with 107 men. During the time the ships were in transit, the ships found themselves eager to engage in privateering (legal piracy) against the Spanish. It would prove a reoccurring issue. Also, during the establishing of the colony, a dispute broke out between the colonist and a local village. The English believed the tribe had stolen a silver cup. In response the English burned the village down, and sacked it for goods. This left the local tribes hostile to the English. And this lead to attacks on the fort.

By the next year they were having severe trouble. Relief ships had not yet arrived. But then Sir Francis Drake stopped by, having finished some privateering in the Caribbean. He offered to take them all back to England. And they left.

The relief ships finally arrived a short time later. Finding the fort abandoned, they left a small force behind to guard and maintain a presence, and the rest returned to England. Trouble was, these men that were left had no idea that the local tribes hated them.

The next year, Raleigh sent John White and 150 colonist (men, women, and children -- A first for the British.) to establish a new colony in Chesapeake Bay. First, they stopped at Roanoke to get the garrisoned men. But they were all gone, except one skeleton they found.

Seeing this the colonist were eager to go back on their ships and go on to Chesapeake. But the ships refused, and demanded they stay on Roanoke. So they were forced to stay and settle there.

White made friends with the nearby Croatoans, mending ties. But the other tribes were not having it, even killing one of the colonist that was out alone.

During the first year, there was first English birth in the New World, Virginia Dare. She was granddaughter to John White. But beside this, things were grim for the colony, the climate was hostile to growing anything. White eventually decided to return to England, to get aid for the colony. So he left, promising to return soon.

The trouble for White was that war broke out between England and Spain. So for three years he could not find a ship that could take him back, leaving his family and the colonist stranded. (This was the time of the legendary Spanish Armada, and ongoing risk of an invasion of England.)

He did try to get back sooner. And he did get two ships and cargo to send. But they got busy privateering, instead of heading straight to Roanoke. And then, they got captured, and had their cargo taken. So they returned to England.

When he did finally return, it was aboard a privateer. They had agreed to return him, on their way to plunder. The ship ended up being damaged in storms when the arrived, but White was able to land. He found an abandoned colony. No one was to be found. All the goods were gone, and personal effects to. The houses were taken down, as were the fortifications. Also, there was no sign of damage from a battle. It was just abandoned. Carefully and calmly abandoned.

Before he had left three years before, he had laid down a contingency, if they had to flee, or move on. They would leave a mark on an appointed tree, a Maltese cross, to show they were being taken by force.

But no cross was found. What was carved into one of the remaining posts was "Croatoan". The tribe and island nearby. So, White assumed this meant that they'd headed there for some reason.

But the privateer captain refused to go. They were damaged, storms were surging, and going to the coastal islands would be risky. So the cpatain set off to continue with his privateering.

White was never able to get support to return to search for his family, or the other colonist.

Searches were attempted. Over a decade later (in 1602) Raleigh personally went, but became too distracted searching for goods he could sell that he never actually made it to the Roanoke region. The Spanish were worried about what was going on there (secret bases, etc.) and looked briefly, but war with England kept them from any serious searches (If they had found them they likely would have killed them.).

It wasn't until 1607 that the British attempted to establish another colony, that could have looked into what happen to those original colonist. A quarter century later. No firm answers were found, but there are a lot of stories.

Different tribes speak of seeing Europeans among their people, or others. There are stories of grey eyed natives. There are stories of natives who built homes of stone, like the colonist. Or natives that dressed like Europeans. I am unsure how true any of them are. There are always stories.

But it seems most likely that, for some reason, Roanoke was abandoned. And the colonist moved on. Some think they moved as a whole north, towards Viriginia, where they knew the English eventually planned to settle. Some think they traveled and met the Chesepian, up in the Virginia area. If they did they would have been there when the Powhatan wiped them out, which would mean the colonist were killed as well. The Powhatan would go on to but heads with Jamestown, and claim to have done this. But that may be boasting. Still, there were artifacts shown to Jamestown leaders, and at least one Powhatan that is said to have looked distinctly European.

Alternatively, they may have headed, as they suggested in their cryptic message, to the Croatoan, where they would have had more safety, and then they may have intermarried, or moved inland, interacting with other tribes. By the time the English moved into these areas, the colonist would be more a tale to those tribes than a reality. There are so many stories. But there usually are. And some of them may yet prove to be true.

Many stories have grown up in American lore as well, since those days. Stories of magic, of little lost Virginia Dare, and the surprise discovery of artifacts that share the tale of a secret fate (Dare Stones).

And then you have all the ways Roanoke and the term Croatoan have permeated pop culture, to signify mystery and the supernatural...Oh, right.

Still, efforts to get to the truth aren't over. There is an attempt to study the DNA of Native peoples in the region to see if any are related to the colonist. When that work is done we may have a real idea of just where the colonist did end up.

So what Sleepy Hollow is offering so far, is not to crazy, particularly for what people in the 18th century knew, or thought.

Apparently if it happens off screen, you can flashback to it.
Once Ichabod is done, Abbie gets a call. The black vein illness isn't stopping with Thomas. It's spread. The EMT who worked on him collapsed. (Apparently this was flashback worthy as well.) And some nurses are getting ill.

To try and find answers that might solve the mystery illness, they head to the woods that Thomas came out of.

This is going to be the most METAL
death ever!
The dark side of Death By Chocolate.
Meanwhile the EMT is getting worse, writhing violently. He seems to see some interesting things as he worsens. The new horseman charges at him out of a wooded green screen effect. 

As the figure charges out at him, he goes. His eyes go black/fill with blood, and comes ushering from his mouth.

Reaching the woods, the team pass a sign for the park, the camera focuses for a moment on it and shows the Witch Spring Trail. And that would seem to be a joke, seeing as witches have long been an issue in the fair city of Sleepy Hollow. But if you look up this park, it is a real trail. So, you're using real sites in your show. Touché, Sleepy Hollow.

"Abbie? You just got Craned."
As they walk, Abbie and Ichabod begin a snark off. Abbie jokes that they are going into Roanoke. Ichabod tries to rise above it. Then Abbie jokingly asks about the sarcasm of the Founding Fathers. So Ichabod explains:

"Jefferson had an obsession with puns. Adams kept a notebook of unsavory limericks."
That surprises Abbie. And Ichabod gives her a look and let's her know he can snark to.

As they move through the woods, Ichabod starts seeing signs he thinks are proof that Thomas passed by. He tracks prints. He notes a broken spider web. And he finds an odd plant he believes prove that Thomas passed it.

The plant is named...Mimosa Puketica...? It reacts to the warmth of humans by closing up for days. ...That seems so far fetched...Let me check.

Mimosa Pudica. One of the few plants
that realize humans are asses.
Ah, I was right. No Mimosa Puketica. ...There is a Mimosa Pudica. And it does close up when touched. But it doesn't close for day (as suggested), just minutes. And it doesn't grow in New York, but it does around Virginia and Maryland. ...Does anyone actually care about this?

It acts as a cool and somewhat real clue. And it shows off Ichabod's tracking skills.

"...I'm just saying Morales would be
a great name for a show about a cop
fighting the paranormal.
Meanwhile, at the sheriff's office, Morales is still troubled by the enigma of Ichabod. He talks to another detective, and is told he should just focus and keep Irving happy. But it troubles him, so he makes a call.

"I'm worried. This meeting is starting
to get noticeably diverse, and the
studio suits are eyeing us."
Back at the hospital, things are getting worse. some of the people that were there when the kid was found are starting to become sick. They still don't know what they are dealing with and are worried.

The CDC guy says that the kid is odd, missing some antibodies he should have, and has others he shouldn't have. (That should be proof to Irving that there may -- somehow -- be something to the claims Ichabod has made.) But the strangeness of the illness they are facing is making it impossible to protect people from it, they can't vaccinate. (Showing Irving that they need an answer soon, or else.)

"I'm clue in spades, Abbie...Hello?"
Following his trail, Ichabod gets to a body of water, and decides that Thomas must have crossed it, somehow. As he works it out he gets a sign. Literally.

"And you said I didn't walk on water."
He intuits that their is a secret path, so he takes a stroll of faith into the water. And finds himself standing on top of it. Now, I can't tell if there is suppose to be a bridge just under him that is hard to see...Or this is magic...Just not clear.

"You think this is gallant, Crane? Walter
Scott put his cloak over a puddle for a lady
to trod on. Just sayin'."
Pleased with discovery, he gets Abbie to join him in crossing. And they walk onto the island. Once they walk through the brush on the island, we get an odd effect. The camera spins some, and the color shifts.

"Oh crap! It's LARPers."
And when they clear the brush they seem to have arrived in Roanoke...or Colonial Williamsburg. I can't say, I haven't been to either recently.

They are meet by a large number of people who eye them. Ichabod asks in Middle English where this place is, and he gets his answer...

So has the dapper guy been standing there all these centuries, waiting to
welcome someone?

We[re going to need a bigger
But as well, they carry the same illness that Thomas has.

The mass infection they find aside, Ichabod is just enjoying himself. I guess, up to now, all the weirdness he's met has been out and out evil, and trying to kill him. Finally, he gets an amazing experience that just wants to slowly kill him via pathogen. ...He's enjoying the moment.

Of course, a long with having the weird illness, they are also not dying. They seem to be relatively fine...other than being 16th century Brits. (Not that I have a bias. But being a 16th century anyone would bite.)

They get welcomed into a meeting place, and learn just what's happen. The guy in the nicest jacket explains to them that Roanoke had become cursed. The Horseman of Pestilence (One the the 4 Horsemen. See!) can to them and made them ill. They all became infected.

Virginia Dare was the first to die. But then her spirit appeared to them, and lead them from the island to safety. (Flashback not shown.) The place of safety was this small island in the midst of this forest in New York state. Once there, the illness was stopped, held at bay. They've been there since.

With Thomas outside the village now, the illness is now free. Which is what the horseman wants. So, when he chased him, he was just trying to goad him to the nearest populated area.

The duo are also told that Thomas needs to return, to stop the illness. Ichabod surmises that Virginia Dare is watching over and protecting the colonist still. And that she can somehow make things right for Sleepy Hollow. And if they don't stop the illness, Pestilence will be let loose on the world.

The twins at the Stanely Hotel. The
triplets from Elm Street. This kid!
And before they leave, Abbie is offered a flower by a young girl sitting on the town well. And, I'll be honest, her silent staring bugged me...I mean she scared me. Came off as creepy evil, for some reason (I may be having an off week.). Abbie refuses the flower.

As the girl continues to stare at her, Abbie looks away, and Pestilence sit on his steed in the distance. It is time to get moving.

At the same time Pestilence is quietly at work in the hospital, causing a environmental suit to rip. The doctors are starting to be infected.

And while Abbie and Ichabod has a "solution", who is going to believe it?

"Okay. Let's screw that chainsaw
remedy. Alright?"
Before they can even think of bringing it up, Ichabod realizes something is wrong. He has become infected. The veins are shooting up his arm to his hand. The CDC guy acts fast and has him sedated and moved into quarantine.

"Well...this is awkward. Usually get whisked away before
I run out of things to talk about."
Once he is out, Ichabod takes a little trip, to where his wife resides. And she is troubled to see him there.

They kiss, and she tells him that his situation is grave. You see, this place is Purgatory (Hey! It got reinstated as real! So, it's totally real again!). And you can't be here without being dead...(Or, when you are summoned, like Katrina did before.) So that means that Katrina is dead...? No. She's been taken their by Moloch, to be held prisoner, trapped, as the dead pass on to their fates. ...So, being dead isn't the only way to be here. But if he's REALLY close to death, I guess he made it there...? Hey! Did she see Sheriff Clancy Brown? Or, Undead Andy (coming and going)?

She also says that she's trapped for a reason, which she won't explain. That Moloch keeps her there, for a reason, which won't explain. She goes silent. But she's always cryptic.

But she then tells him she does have an idea of why she's there. And, as always, Moloch pulls Ichabod away like a yo yo.

Back in the hospital, Morales gets a call, from Oxford. Hmm. The person on the phone says that Ichabod Crane is a professor there. And that he's on sabbatical, helping American law enforcement...How was this pulled off? Who pulled this off? And why? Questions to be answered.

Abbie asks Irving to let her take Ichabod and the kid, and he shuts her down. The city is panicking. And they need to maintain control. Abbie ducks into the hospital chapel, to think. She doesn't understand what she needs to do. Will taking the kid back really fix everything? What is the proof?

And then Abbie started thinking about how many people
stuck their hands in this water...
But when she sees the water in the chapel that people use to anoint themselves, she suddenly thinks she's worked out how it all works. The water in the village is the answer.

She makes her argument to Irving. Ichabod and Thomas need to be bathed in the magic water. ...And Irving actually agrees! Maybe he is finding some faith to? (Or, he's secretly evil, but a different evil...? Eh.)

That's it, Ichabod. Just use that
sick kid as a crutch.
So they make their way back. Takes more time now, with Ichabod and Thomas lagging behind due to their advancing illnesses.

As they go, Ichabod updates Abbie on what he learned on his little trip. And as they go, and Thomas struggles with living, Pestilence rides closer.

And as they run into the village, Pestilence arrives. Ichabod carries Thomas into the well. And they go under. And as Pestilence rides at Abbie, the reemerge, healed. And Pestilence is gone. Into a cloud of dust/ash.

And that's what happens when you take on Abbie Mills!

And then a white light covers them. And when it's gone, so is the village. (And Sandy was dead the whole time. Ooooo!)

"...Are you kidding me!"

"Wait! We were ghosts, dad?"
So, the village was never there. The Roanoke colonist were dead the whole time. ...Wait, is this Sixth Sense suddenly?

So...Virginia Dare's ghost guided the remaining colonist to the mainland, and then to a place where their spirits would be held until...What?

Did one of them have to get a dunking, or take a bath? Or did they need for the illness to get out, and then be countered before they could find release? Or, Virginia Dare didn't lead them there. And Pestilence tricked them, and kept them in waiting until the time was right. (I know, that sound crazy.)

So I guess this means that either the 4 Horseman often work on their own. Or, before the Revolutionary War (Hey, someone had to bring it up this episode.), their was an attempt in the 16th century to start off the end of days, which Virginia Dare's ghost sabotaged. (Ghost baby...Just weird.)

Still, Abbie has found the power of her faith...Which seems mostly to be accepting paranormal answers to problems. And, luckily, the illness is fully beaten back. Everyone has been healed.

So everything is back to normal...Wait...I just remembered part of that status quo...

I guess someone is back from their extended spa stay.


Templars! Flashbacks to the cute meet of Ichabod and Katrina! Secrets out! Is it curtains for Ichy?

Tune in...What...3 WEEKS!!! ...grrrr....


So, yes, this was a shift in tone from last week. But you have to have that in a show like this. Otherwise you end up just ramping things up and up, and the stakes are already high enough. The key is how Abbie comes into her prophesied role, and how it fits her.

Also, what is going on with Irving? Is he on board, and trying to just do his duty the best he can? Or are we about to have a turn?

Structurally, something big has to be happening in the next 3 weeks... But something is about to break. I don't seriously think Ichabod is about to die. But what about the other players (Abbie is safe to.)

Morales has been kept in a holding pattern the first several episodes. He's been curious, but held back. He seems to have no reason or clue about Ichabod, or the danger, but now Undead Andy is going to contact him. Will he turn him (to help the bad guys)? Will he realize the problem and become an ally to Ichabod? (I am all for filling out the supporting cast.) Or, is he a dead man? You see, for some reason, he is reminding me of the character, Warren Keffer, from Babylon 5, who seemed to exist to die at the end of the second season (and advance the plot going into the next season). It just feels like Morales is there to be offed. But I have misjudged the Sleepy Hollow writers before.

What about Jenny? Will we lose her, as she aids her sister? God, I hope not!

I don't think that the other title sequence characters are at risk Though that would catch watchers off guard.) Katrina? Could her secret be finally revealed (We seem to have plenty of flashbacks coming.)? Did she make Faustian bargain, damning herself. Did her spell on Ichabod make her a needed tool to move ahead Moloch's plan? Does she have to "die" to save Ichabod?

And Irving. He seems to be getting more and more onboard with our duo. Will he pay for that? Or, is he not a friend in truth? ...Honestly, I hope he's not. I am hoping everyone makes it out...

Can't they all be friends, and just hug the Horseman into submission?


And the use of the Roanoke story? ...It's not the weirdest take I've ever heard. It uses the tentpoles of facts we do have, and gives it all the Sleepy Hollow twist.


And Pestilence? Well, it's interesting. A Mongol Horseman. ...So what was that image we got in the second episode of ALL the horseman?

Yeah. That matches up.

So how should the rest look?

Should be interesting as they get unveiled.

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