Monday, October 28, 2013

The Horror Of...Halloween 3: The Season of the Witch, In Short

Last Monday, I looked at the Original Halloween. A classic, centered on the carnage of a masked killer, who would go on to appear in many sequels. So let's look at something completely different this Monday...

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Yes. It is a Halloween movie. But it's a non-Michael Halloween. That does exists, it's not just an urban legend.

But this choice helped garner the movie a certain level of notoriety, and hate. How could a movie series called Halloween NOT be centered constantly on a masked serial killer?! But in recent years it seems to be getting a bit more respect (But, maybe, it's supposed to be ironic respect).

The movie focuses on the events following an apparent murder/suicide involving a hospitalized man who was found distraught and bedraggled. He screamed about how Silver Shamrock (a Halloween mask making company) is going to kill everyone as he was brought into the hospital. But no one takes him serious. Then he's murdered. And the killer, a strange man in a suit, gets in a car and kills himself.

This causes the movie's lead actor to think that maybe something is up. This is Dr. Dan Challis. He's got a mustache.

He meets the daughter of the murdered man, who can't understand what happen to her father. This is Ellie Grimbridge. And together they decide to check out what her father was screaming about. Silver Shamrock.

This takes them into a strange world of conspiracy, murder, and ancient grudges.

What is the truth behind the owner of Silver Shamrock, Conal Conchran? Who are the strange men in suits all over the place? And how does a large theft from Stonehenge fit into the machinations?

Also, what is the deal with the blitz of annoying commercials from Silver Shamrock, counting down to Halloween? And what is the truth behind their selection of masks that kids across the country are snatching up to wear?

Really, what good can come when you have an ad on TV like this?

Will it mean the end of Halloween? Will it mean the beginning of something horrific? Will this movie, by the end, have a death tally that will leave Michael, Freddy, AND Michael in a state of other shame?

Hey, kids! 3 more days til Halloween! Halloween! 3 more days til Halloween! Act now and watch this!

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