Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Horror Of...Elvira's Haunted Hills, In Short

At the start of the century, we needed a good laugh. The presidential election turned out to be too hilarious. Thankfully Cassandra Peterson went to work make some comedy that was just right. Also, it gave fans everywhere another chance to enjoy the adventures and machinations of one Mistrees of the Dark, Elvira. And, lo, Elvira rode again...

Elvira's Haunted Hills

The story takes us to Carpathia, in a time long long ago. But not to worry, Elvira will be Elvira, no matter the dictates of time or space. As she wakes from a nightmare, she finds that she's incurred the wrath of an innkeeper for not paying her bill.

Seeing the signs, and the ax, Elvira decides to get out of town, along with her maid, Zou Zou. On the road, they are met by a carriage. It is owned by gentleman who offers to give them a lift and lodging at a castle that he is visiting. They agree.

And they are off. But it is to a mystery that they no not of. For this castle is cursed. It is haunted. It's is damned. And there is some intrigue mixed in as well.

To see what befalls Elvira, to see what corny jokes she will crack, and to see just what she will get up to, you will have to check with movie out.

Of interest as well, the movies gives us an enjoyable and humour cast to watch.

Elvira as...well, Elvira.

Mary Jo Smith as Zou Zou.

Scott Atkinson as Dr. Bradley Bradley.

Mary Scheer as Lady Ema Hellsubud.

Heather Hopper as Lady Roxanne Hellsubub.

And, Richard O'Brien as Lord Valdimere Hellsubub.

Plus, Gabriel Andronache as the Stable Stud. You will have to hear him to believe it.

So, I hope you check this movie out, and enjoy it.

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