Monday, October 21, 2013

The Horror Of...Halloween, In Short

As we get closer to Halloween, more and more of us are eager to get in some horror movie time. It's a fine tradition.

So, in honor of tradition, I'll offer some brief suggestions for movies to enjoy with some friends, or on your own, through this the season. Maybe you won't care for them. Maybe you've seen them already this season. Or maybe you'll need to food suggestion for on upcoming get together.

But to start of the season, how about the most obvious choice? Something this is on tonight, and of and on through this week. But it makes it all the easier for you to get a hold on.

So, how about Halloween.

 The story of a man child with deep rooted issues with women.
 But, really, it is a great outing for Donald Pleasence, as Dr. Loomis. And Jamie Lee Curtis, as Laurie Strode.

And then there's Michael Myers. A silent child that grew into a hulking silent brute. And as he wants, he's broken out of the institution he's resided in for years, to go home for a Halloween, much like he remembers from his youth. A bloody one.

This movie is an endeavor of John Carpenter, known for a number of horror movies. He also composed the movie's music, which greatly adds to the movie's growing tension.

As the movie progresses, Michael just hovers, letting the audience anticipation be baited. He slowly stalks Laurie, planning, and slowly building her dread.

 Meanwhile Loomis, has chased Michael home, and struggles to convince law enforcement of the danger that's come home to roost.

And, as night begins to fall, Michael moves.

He cuts a bloody swath through those around Laurie, moving closer and closer, until, they finally face each other. 

It is a bloody and violent movie, as the strolling pace of the first half moves into a gallop. But compared to horror movies of the last decade, it is quite tame.

The movie proves to be a positive example of movie making of the late 70's and early 80's.

There is a good reason this movie stands as a benchmark in horror, and a staple of Halloween movie watching.

If you haven't seen it yet, and care to see some horror, you owe it to yourself to see it this year.

As for me, as a person who has watched in the past, it's on my list to enjoy again this year.


Almost forgot, to give you a taste of the movie's soundtrack, and get you in the Halloween mood, the opening credits to Halloween.

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