Monday, October 07, 2013

Trailers in Short: The Hobbit 2, The Colony, and Escape Plan

Time for some more trailers!

First, a look at the next part of the epic attempt of a Hobbit to avoid a visit form his relatives. Next, a curious follow up for An Inconvenient Truth. Finally, a movie that should have been made in 1991.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Yes. Almost time for another Tolkien movie. And that's fantastic.

I am an utterly biased fan of the books and these movie series. And I have been eagerly awaiting the continuation of the adventure of Bilbo Baggins and this troop of Dwarves. Coming now we have the Mirkwood, with it's darkness, dankness, and spiders. And the Wood Elves, who's kingdom is being encroached on. Then on to Lake Town and the aid of the Lake Men. And, finally, on to the foot of the Lonely Mountain, and, for Bilbo, the chance to meet...a dragon.

I can't wait. I've liked the characters and twists so far. And I am interested to see how the characters are affected and changed by the journey they are on.

On to December...after a lengthy Halloween season.

The Colony

The colony takes us to a future were climate change has driven humanity underground and to limited food supplies. Then the world froze (Don't you hate when that often.). The story takes a team from one of these underground cities on a quest to another that has asked for help. And once they get there, they find it littered with the dead. Fleeing they are followed by people who are...zombies...ish?

So it will be turning into a struggle to survive a "zombie" onslaught. Up to that point it was sounding possibly interesting (Imagine if it focused just on two communities in a post-apocaltyptic world trying to work together and overcome suspicions...It would be called an indie movie, right?). But, it could prove to be good anyway. It's got Laurence Fishburne....But I bet he gets off quickly in the invasion...I was actually getting interested in this. I'll have wait and see.

Escape Plan

Sylvester Stallone! Arnold Schwarzenegger!! A prison escape movie!!!

Yeah. It's a prison escape movie, and about a super prison that's impossible to escape from...Didn't that happen in Face Off...I guess there it wasn't the whole movie.

In this Stallone is the ultimate escape artist. Who is hired to test the newest superest prison ever. And then he learns it's all a plan to dump him in the prison to die. So a fellow prisoner, Schwarzenegger, wants to work with him to get out.

The prison looks really weird. The guards wear Halloween masks, etc. It gives off a Prisoner vibe. ...And Jim Caviezel is in this movie. Weirder.

This could be one of those so dumb it's fun movies. Or it could be dumb. It will be tempting. (But why do I get the feeling it won't addressing the inherent issues of the modern American penal system and the injustice in our justice system?)

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