Monday, October 28, 2013

The Horror Of...ParaNorman, In Short

I hate to admit it, but I nearly forgot to suggest this movie for Halloween. It's a relatively new movie, but it came and went from the theater faster than I could get to it. So I finally saw it when the disc came out. But it was worth the wait. A 2012 cartoon (and definitely NOT Hotel Transylvania) it gave a family friendly tale, yet dealt with the strain of being a different and ostracized child and facing the dead rising and marching into town. While it has it's dark moments, and it has it's scary moments, it very nicely balances this with humor, camaraderie, and hope. It's the must watch...


The story centers a young boy named Norman. Like many young kids, he loves a good scary story. Also, he's dealing with issues like every child does.

You know, having to navigate the spirits of the dead on the way to school. Trying to remember all the ghosts names so he can say hello, and not be rude. Have visions of looming doomsdays. You know, the regular stuff.

And it does result in a hard experience. He's shunned at school, by students and teachers. And at home his parents don't know what to make of him. No one else sees what he does, so they think he's got a powerful imagination, or troubled.

Thankfully he has a loyal friend, who is always ready to listen. Neil. He's also bullied at school. But he keeps up a bright demeanor.

But what will he do when he has a vision of a coming doom. A witch will rise. Zombies will walk. And the town will be doomed.

Can Norman save everyone? Will anyone believe him? Is the curse or the witch what people say? How does it all tie to the gifts that Norman has?

To find out, I suggest you check out ParaNorman, and have an entertaining night.

And along the way we are reminded of how unfair and dangerous it is to judge and make assumptions about people.

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