Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Horror Of...Critters, In Short

How about some more monsters? We all need some monsters in our lives. Even some little ones. Some...


This 1986 movie introduced us to an odd set. Brad and Charlie. No! I do mean the Critters. They are little terrors. All teeth and fuzz.

But while they are small, they are also voracious in their hunger. They strike with a furor. And then you have when they have numbers on their side. They use their instincts to stalk, trap, and weaken.

And when they want to start moving, they curl up into balls and shoot off across the ground. Yes. These are psychotic tribbles.

And if that isn't enough they have quills, which they project and use to disable their prey (humans). And once we are down, we are chow...I am watching too much 80's dialogue.

So how do we end up with these tiny terrors? Aliens. ...No, some other ones.

At some penal colony...IN SPACE, the Critters are imprisoned. They are deemed a grand threat. But then they escape. And to recover them, 2 bounty hunters are sent to Earth.

Shape shifting bounty hunters.

So they head to Earth. where a small town has found itself hosting the Crites, or Critters.

As a result some will live and some will die. But will any on the family farm, where the bulk of the Critters hide be among the living? And can these monsters be contained?

You'll just have to find out.

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