Thursday, October 03, 2013

Trailers in Short: Thor 2, Knights of Badassdom, and Gallowwalkers *UPDATED*


Yeah. Just realized that I had left a movie in the title that I didn't cover, and left out one I did.

That's over now.


How about some trailers?

This time out let's consider the next of the proud Marvel lineage, a post-apocalyptic adventure, and a post-Western zombie romp.

Thor 2: The Dark World

Thor. I really enjoyed the first Thor movie. It was sparse on the Asgardian side of the story, but I thought it held up, particularly the aspect  of Thor's need to discover the true hero within. And now, following Avengers, he's back. And a threat from the elves is an interesting way to go, nice to break away from the issues with the giants.

Though I will be honest and say that when the first teasers came out I was extremely underwhelmed. And the Jane Porter aspect looked amazingly dull, an obligatory b-plot. Nothing against Portman, I liked her and Jane Foster, but it felt like it was dragging away from a focus on Asgardian life and events. But I also knew that teasers can be deceiving. So I waited.

And with the newest trailers I feel a lot better and have further appreciation of things she may be doing in the movie (beyond being Thor's love). I am now hoping she'll be doing far more than being in distress. (But along with Portman's appearance in the movie, Marvel and Portman are promoting women in science. So one more reason to like having her in there. Let the female scientist do her thing to save the world!) Plus I want to see Thor and Loki teamed up (until Loki betrays him. Inevitable.). Plus more Sif. More Warriors Three. More Freya. More Heimdal. Build up this part of the Marvel movie universe!

And is anyone noticing an absence of Odin?

Knights of Badassdom

This is a movie I am not hearing anything about. And I found this trailers months back. This moving is about a massive LARPing tournament that goes bad. As always happens, someone read something they shouldn't have. And an evil is released, into the midst of a bunch of men and women playing at being medieval basses.

That alone could amuse me and make it worth a viewing.

But add to that Peter Dinklage. Danny Pudi, Summer Glau. Aziz Ansari, Steve Zahn, and the guy from True Blood,

This could be epically bad, or awesomely bad, or genuinely solid and fun way to spend an after.

It apparently has been on the shelf for a while. But last month it was shown at a festival in Tel Aviv. Let us all hope that it will make it's way into a theater near us, or at least onto DVD, for me to covet.

I want this movie to make it!


Now this movie though...

What can I say? It's a Wesley Snipes movie. And that meant something once, and now it means something else entirely.

Still. Zombies. Old West. Zombies. Old West.

I will generally give that kind of a blend a shot.

The dead have risen, they are massing, and their leader has a grudge with Wesley Snipes. (Not that big a fear, the US government has a beef with him to. Topical!)

Watching the trailer it has this feel and style that says, "Oooo. This could be bad."

But Western Zombies!

The only thing cooler?

Victorian Undead by Ian Edginton and Davide Fabbri

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