Monday, October 21, 2013

The Horror Of...Garfield's Halloween Adventure, In Short

It may be that for some the last movie looked at In Short, Halloween, isn't something they want or can watch, with the kids around. So how about something for those kids, to keep them amused and a little scared?

Let me introduce you to, if you've never seen it,...

This came out years back, but the cute short adventure on Halloween night can still click with kids, and some overly nostalgic adults.

It's another story with Garfield, and...Garfield!


We also get plenty of Odie.

And Jon.

With Halloween there, Garfield is eager to get out and grab as much candy as he can, for himself. And he gets Odie to join in, to carry more sweet candy loot for Garfield. They start getting large amounts of candy, and bump into various scary things along the street. But Garfield pushes on, for more candy.

He is so greedy that when he seems more houses across a river, he set sail to reach them to

And this attempt leads to a story from a creepy old man, a close encounter with spooky ghosts, and Garfield at least learning a brief lesson in sharing.

Also, for the songs in the show, (And they do have songs.), they got Lou Rawls to come in and sing on some of them.

This is a light and fun cartoon. It does have a brief scare as the ghost arrive, and Garfield tries to hide, but kids will be amused by it.

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