Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amy Bishop - Using deaths to sell your own biases and causes

I was tempted to pass on this post, but I hit three examples and just had to go ahead.

In the wake of the sad events around which Bishop murdered and severally injured her colleagues, many have sought to use this as a way to support there claims and causes.  It is much like what we see in the wake of these sorts of tragedies.

Sal -> Darwinism
Sal Cordova is a creep who has decided to be all the more so by pointing to the fact Bishop was supporting the Clergy Letter Project.  He is pointing to "Survival of the Fittest" as a...damning point.  So being a biologist now damns evolution and surrounding ideas, any group that doesn't race to denounce any ties is in league with her...It's like the shit they use to do on the talk show on CNN, Crossfire.  Every show was calling out a person who acted or spoke wrong, and demanding the pundit on the other side denounced them.  It was pathetic.  And so is this.

Beck -> The violent left-wingers
Glenn Beck saw the events and decided it was an example of the ultra violent left wing.

She is part of a liberal group that backed Obama.  So they are all like her.  Now the fact among those dead are likely people who shared her politics...not relevant.

Boston Herald -> D&D
Yes, Dungeons & Dragons.  They went there.  And it is such a shitty story.  And unnamed source eagerly announced she met her husband playing the game and she was big time into the game.  A...damning point.  Then they trout out the old 30 year old points and evidence to damn the game (How many editions has it gone through since then?)
The popular fantasy role-playing game has a long history of controversy, with objections raised to its demonic and violent elements. Some experts have cited the D&D backgrounds of people who were later involved in violent crimes, while others say it just a game. A federal appeals court recently upheld a prison ban on the game in Wisconsin, where prison officials reportedly testified they were afraid the game could promote "hostility, violence and escape behavior." 

Pathetic.  After all this death.  This is what the media gives us?

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