Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to treat a Beck

Maddow (w/ vid) has gotten herself drawn into slight back and forth with Glenn Beck.

Beck has a regular habit of exaggerating, denying past comments, and...lying.  She called him on this.  Then in response he mocked her and edited her work to blot out her actual evidence for her point, so he could mock her more for not serving up any evidence.

Maddow happily dealt with this as all media should.  Show the claim from the loudmouth.  Then show the actual unvarnished facts, or video.  Then make the point clear, he manipulated the evidence he had and has tried to hide from responsibility...while being an utter asshole.

Why this is not done more often is beyond me.  The number of times Cheney alone has lied, and he has only once really had his lies called out.  And that is really never brought up in the MSM, they just let him speak and treat him seriously.

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