Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Republicans say the...they say anything...

As noted before, they seem willing and able to embrace any claim to garner their ends.

Look at what Rachel Maddow (w/ vid) pulled together, a list of all the times Reps denounced and cried out over the stimulus then posed for pictures to brag about the money "they" brought into the state.  Apparently since the senator from Oklahoma was whined about being called out.  And to respond to the clear hypocrisy, Reps say they oppose it to this day, but since the money came, they had to show up and accept it.  What they mean is, they know it will do good and be good PR, so they have to grab on and take as much credit as they can.  It is sad politics.

Then you have Gov. Mark Sanford.  I could just stop there.  But it seems after attacking stimulus spending...he wants some.  Yeah it must just be so horrible...until you need...stimulus.  He actually snuck up to Washington to beg the Admin for some cash.  Is that what King David would do?

Then this idiot pundit Geller went on TV last night to make claims about how great Palin was and denounce Ron Regan for not knowing his own father and how he would embrace the Tea Baggers.  She got to the point she was claiming that Ron Reagan had never met his own father...would you like me to pull up some pics from Google to show them together?  Like Coulter and any other of this ilk she just screamed and ranted and hoping the segment would end before anyone could successfully challenge her.  It is pathetic and so Republican.  Ironically Stephanie Miller was on to, daughter of a former Rep VP nominee, and I know she to has been belittled by callers into her progressive radio show, claiming she is shaming her departed father.  These conservatives have no shame about saying anything hurtful just to try an score "points".

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