Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Model T of the Net

AMERICAblog has a post that reminds me of how behind the times we have become when it comes to Internet access.  First we have the continuing struggle of Net Neutrality, and whether we will continue to have the access the public deserves.

But to see communication companies blow off actually improving their infrastructure is just depressing.  We are behind!  France and other countries are so far past up in what they are working with.  And all we get is a sigh and a shrug from the CEO’s.

Better yet this:
…How much can you really expect from a blockhead CEO like they have?
"A 100 meg is just a dream," Qwest Chief Executive Edward Mueller told Reuters. "First, we don't think the customer wants that. … 
Yeah, we won’t want higher speeds for access.  When ever has the American public said they would want more of anything, or for things to work faster.  How fucking myopic is that?  Is he actually incapable of considering long term needs, like the increase in the amount of internet usage occurring and continuing, or the amount being moved about increasing, or the sizes of things moving around?  Hello?  Duh?  Where is he from?  A patent office in 1900?

We need better industry leaders in the country.

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