Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh, now Rahm's some genius.

Following on the brilliant plan from Mark Halperin to beg and plead with Reps, we now get told how it is by Dana Milbank.  Do what Rahm tells you.

See!  Rahm had it all worked out (if only Obama listened.).  He knew how to do health care.  And that was to not support a public option, and then put out a small Rep friendly bill.  On Gitmo, let it continue.  Rahm is brilliant.  Except...Obama didn't support or push for a public option, even today.  And the idea that there would be a HCR bill Reps would support is dense.  Then with trials and prisons...the plan from Rahm is to just not do the right thing...

So...back a weak bill that Reps would attack and Dems would hate, and then ignore the rule of law.  What a great plan.

All this makes me think is, what was noted in an earlier post.  What the fuck is Emanuel doing day to day?

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