Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shameless: The Conservative Way

Conservatives are shameless.  To support the contention, I submit the following:

Tucker Carlson now fears and opposes 'over the top' rhetoric.

Carlson made his name on Crossfire on CNN.  This was an hour long show built exclusively on over the top rhetoric and empty argument.  Now he could have grown, changed, or moved on since then.  But he hasn't.  He has continued on, applying the same crap spreader to any media outlet that takes him (like FOX news).

And to be sure.  By over the top, he means those extreme Dems.  Of course.

McCain, McCain, Spreading the Blame.

He is now trying to blame Pres. Bush for his campaign suspension from '08.  It wasn't McCain's fault.  Bush made him do it, even if everyone else remembers it differently.  So he is trying to blame Bush, just as he is trying to join in the Rep meme that Obama is all about blaming Bush.  Brilliant.  Better yet he is blaming Obama to, saying Obama suspended his campaign as well, which he didn't do.  Is it time to finally just stop any and all bull about straight talk and John McCain?

Who caused the current economic crisis?  Hippies.

Yes, the age old enemy of conservatism is back.  The Hippy.  And as everyone knows, they lead to the excess of the 80's and the decisions of 00's.  It all fits together...and the Mona Lisa is the final proof...

Hippies.  Is there nothing they can't be blamed for?

Pawlenty, the Panderer.

He is one among many.  But it is interesting to see this guy sell off all of his nice guy cred for some short term hard conservative cash that will prove of little use.  All those moderate points are getting pawned at criminal rates.

And I loved his 9-Iron wit.  Taking a club to the window of government?  Breaking out the governments windows?  That is pretty violent imagery for how to act towards government?  Particularly from him?  I look forward to that getting replayed i he ever runs for something again in Minnesota.  Oh wait, the MSM wouldn't want to do that.  That wouldn't be fair.

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