Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking at the Christian war on history.

The NYT has a good piece online.  How Christian Were the Founders?

Among the things looked at is the attempts to rework history to emphasize conservatism and a particular Christian view of the world and history.

This is epitomized by Texas, and the State Board of Education, where moves are made wipe César Chávez.  Phyllis Schlafy, Gingrich, Reagan, the Heritage Foundation, the NRA (rifles not New Deal) and the Contract with America need prominence.  But they do want Margaret Sanger (who pioneered birth control), but so they can use her as an example of eugenics.

That is what Texas faces.  Attack on science books, moves to bring religion further into schooling, and rewriting history.

It is further noted.  That they see history as being obfuscated by those damn liberals.  They can only hope to block God's will and the America's destiny.  See, the founders meant for us all to be lead by Christianity and Christian intents.

Now...the fact the majority of the country is Christian...most all of the government is run by Christians...doesn't that say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...No?  Hmm?

These guys just prove to be so damn creepy and scary.  They see history as proof of their beliefs ascendancy and truth.  And when history doesn't rework the history.  Just as with science where...[SEE HISTORY]

ADDENDUM:  Here's another example of trying to control the school books, so at to control the message...i.e. science daring to challenge Jewish teaching.  The case of Dr. Gavriel Avital.

And my sweet block headed South Dakota has a resolution heading to the Senate that will call for "equal balance" in discussing Global Warming in classrooms.  And it isn't even the only state.  ANd I have to agree if you are in state, make calls and voice your concern.
Concerned citizens should call their state senators and Governor Mike Rounds to tell them that this bill needs to die.

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