Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silent Bob not welcomed

It is sad to see the attitude in the airline industry.  They are seen as the villains.  They know this, right?

Well, we have the story of Kevin Smith, writer and actor, famous for his "Jersey Trilogy", starting with Clerks.

He tried to get on a plane, where he was quickly booted by the pilot.

Why?  Too fat.  Could he not fit in the seat?  No.  Not get the armrest down? No.  Not get the belt on?  No.  He was just too fat.

Charming.  So while they cram more of us on planes, ram prices up, and make the trips less comfortable, they are now adding increased work to pick on fat people (and in Smith's case he isn't even that fat).  Pathetic.

As someone who is plenty large I know it is a pain to fly, and not a thrill for all around, but larger people are just getting picked on more and more.  And it seems to be getting more acceptable.  Is that where we are heading?

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