Friday, February 12, 2010

Another argument against gays in the military

TPM notes the new argument.  Muslims around the world where we place our forces won't like it.

Which approach to this...

First, this is the same damn argument that was made about having women serving in the armed forces.  Or, to allow women into the roles of Sec of State or Sec of Defense.  We know how much that worries people now.  Or how much that impacts our international ops...Not at all.

Second, fine.  If the Saudi don't want to work with us.  Fine.  If Iraq won't take our help.  Fine.  We'll pull out tomorrow.  If the Afghan want us out.  Bye.  But let's be honest they aren't going to thrown into a tizzy.  The bombings and shootings won't flip them out, gitmo and torture doesn't do it, but if we admit that there are gays among our forces...oh boy.

Because the point is, there are gays in the military, and only a fool can't accept that.  They are there and the world is still turning.  And we operate around the world.

What's more...what about the Brits?  They have open gay troops...what is the negative for them in all the places we work Iraq and Afghanistan?

None at all.  Think about it.

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