Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Asking for it

Halperin has worked it all out.  So none of us have to worry, it’s all worked out.

What is it?  How to get bipartisan support and work from Reps.  How?  Ask them. 

That’s right.  What Obama forgot to do from the start.  Go to the Reps and ask them to play nice.  He should also say please, and bring flowers, and then put out on the first date.  It’s just sensible protocol.

It is amazing…no it really isn’t.  It’s just more of the pat conventional wisdom of those in power.  Obama just hasn't tried to reach out.  Not in all those social events he’s run exclusively for Reps, in meeting with conservative press to talk, or in actively engaging and holding back, and giving in on so many issues to Rep demands.  No…Obama hasn’t tried hard enough it seems.

And Halperin and others glad pass this out as fact to the public.  And if Obama doesn’t fully bend himself into a pretzel before the media…the snideness starts (“I guess the era of bipartisanship is over [Chuck Todd snort]”). 

The press continues on…  EPIC FAIL

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