Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The media not getting it

Digby looks at current media reaction to Ron Paul in the wake of C-PAC.  Particularly through the eyes of Chris Matthews.

He seems to see Paul as something of a Goldwater Rep...interesting analysis.  The media is like that.  Paul is somewhat quite Libertarian.  And he puts forward a certain social openness/keep the government out attitude.  But he has pushed anti-choice laws, and seems open to other encroachments at times.

Here is from a list of Paul positions from posted via Andrew Sullivan:

  • Withdrawal from the U.N.
  • Withdrawal from NATO.
  • Return to the gold standard.
  • End income tax.
  • End Federal Reserve.

Then there are those racist writings and ties.

But, yeah, let's simplify it all and say he's just like Goldwater.  Great.

This is the analysis and information we get through the MSM.  And then after they spread it around.  They poll their watchers and find that they hold to these "facts" they built up.


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