Monday, February 22, 2010

C-PAC and the Cons

There has been an attempt to grasp where conservatives are now.  Are they far right, tea bagging, compassionate, Mount Vernonites, etc?

Some are excited to have a real a-hole who came to denounce GOP gays was booed.  First, remember, he was an ass, and was picking a fight with the room.  Second, there seems to be a move to use that speaking forum to come off as the great populist who expect all into the tent (No Obama Allowed).  

Even the John Birch Society.  They are a paranoid group that have rallied for years against things like the fluoridation of water.  Years back, they were driven to the fringe, and definitely out of C-PAC.  Now, they are sponsoring it.  What a change.  And they are still as crazy as ever.  And welcomed back in the tent.

Then there was George Will, just looking the other way.  What, Birchers having weight at C-PAC?  What?  Is that the same mouth with which he lies about Climate Change science?

Picture from C-PAC, Real Men Marry Women bumper sticker...cause conservatives now respect gays.

Picture from C-PAC, all the books explaining how Obama is personally destroying or destroyed everything.

Then Ron Paul won the presidential straw poll (Which really means nothing.).  He beat Romney and Palin, and Romney actually campaigned to win this.  This peeved some people who don't think he deserved the win.  

And look at who are tied to Paul.  The Oath Keepers.  They are nutty enough to even bug O'Reilly.  They see the disarming of people during Katrina as treasonous.  They try and downplay how severe things were during the disaster.  And they want the military and police to resist Obama when the illegal orders come.  They court insurrection.

I also note this from C&L:
Oath Keepers in coalition with John Birch Society, 9/12 Project branch. Oath Keepers is listed as a member of Friends for Liberty, a coalition that, according to its website, includes the right-wing John Birch Society, the Spokane, Washington, branch of the Glenn Beck-associated 9/12 Project, and Vaccination Liberation, a group that claims as part of its mission to "reveal the myth that vaccines are necessary, safe and effective."

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