Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Where the Republicans are

I really would like to know what is in the minds of many Republicans.  Particularly ones that were once conceivably willing to interact on their ideas and those of others in an honest way.

Yes.  There is the pissy moaning of many liberals to say that conservatives never are honest and never willing to deal and debate in faith.  It is easy to say and equally dishonest.  Many Republicans have dealt with the Dems over the years.  And many of them have retired, passed on, or lost reelection.  But some remain from the old days.  When the Stupak amendment was voted on, some conservative women opposed it, while many of the guys supported it, knowing they were going to later vote against it, and it would turn some progressives off.  But a few Reps would not go there.

But the rest of the time they are just not there.  And then there are the likes of Snowe and Collins who would at times deal and work with us (Yes, they did.).  The key thing is now.  Now, they wouldn't stoop to help Byrd back into his wheelchair.  It is ridiculous.

Collin's continued attacks over the Christmas Day bomber, who here will forever be known as the Pant's Bomber, are amazing.  Between her dithering voice and continued pushing of false facts is disgusting.  Even when called on it, she continues, not that the journalist challenging her are doing so too strenuously.  But she is  just out of it, and still allowed on to spout.  But so are all the other leading Reps.

No the rest of the party are touting disproven claims about the events.  The bomber was mirandized and he clammed up, false.  We would have more info from torture, unproven and historically false.  We have failed to take terrorism seriously, ridiculous.

As and aside.
Where the fuck is the media on this?  Just reporting.  Literally, they report claims and then move on.  That becomes a problem worsened by Christ Matthews.  He does like to did a bit into stories.  But he picks and angle of entry of entrance and focus to meet his likes and misses a lot.  You can see it in coverage of this story of the treatment of the bomber.  His focus, the false facts (he seems to believe them largely), the fact that Reps are hitting Dems on following the law, the media coverage is helping cement Rep ideas her into the publics mind, and this all leads to it all being the fault of Dems for not whisking the kid away and beating him...which would have made things worse.  But, you see, Dems were criticized for the right thing and media spread the attacks, so Dems needed to do the wrong thing, and get attacked all the same.  At no point is it suggested that the news should break through the rhetoric and focus on the reality and actual facts.  No, Dems need better spin and to be more Rep-ish.

And there we are.  A crime is committed, and it was a crime, and has been for ages.  An arrest is made.  The law is followed.  Evidence and facts and intel are drawn, within the law.  Success.  Nope.  Where were the secret flights, the military, the hoods, the water board, the terror and fear?  How can you succeed then?  Nope.  Failure.  Toss it all away, America is doomed now that we want to support the law.

And we see this just the same with the terror trials in NY.  It was wrong to have trials.  The 9/11 widows were not allowed a veto (Why would they?).  The mayor was not allowed enough time to block it (Why?  Though with more data to say it would be a major disruption and expense I understand.  But to say that hemming and hawing on justice...come on...Once we knew more then you make adjustments.).  The fact this is all the same as under Bush makes no difference, for Reps or for Matthews -- cause if Obama doesn't spin it well enough to him he won't do the work.  It is all about talking points, and Matthews and others have them just the same as the pols.

ADDENDUM:  Of course the White House ain't helping.  With Rahm Emanuel not being keen on civil trial, the WH has been pretty hands off.  Thanks for the help on your own policy.  But more on that in the next post.

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