Monday, February 22, 2010

Easy comic work gone wrong.

What is this?

Really.  They want to do a new X-Men book to get casual readers and this is the approach?  I thought the women in the middle and in black was the Emma Frost character at first.  Her breast are spilling out of the bottom of her shirt...and I thought it was a tasteless take on Frost.  Then I realized the hair she had, and that Frost is on the right (and GEEZ!  Look at that pose and how she is drawn...ewww.)  That is the approach to Storm, like that doesn't put a bad taste in the mouth.

And how about Cyclops in the center.  With the cowl, the t-shirt, and gloves...He looks like he's dressed to kick in your door and kidnap you.

So they have a new book.  It, unlike the kid fare (though it extends to light and fun fare for all ages) Marvel Adventures, and more adult Ultimates, will be actually part of the continuing stories in the main books...which this isn't part of...somehow.  So it is a side book that you don't have to read, and doesn't require reading the main books.  And major changes will occur to the main books through this book...somehow.

This is real honest to gosh attempt to have one's cake and eat it to.  Another classic decision from Joey Q?

A new wider audience X-Men book is easy, look at X-Men: First Class (looking at youthful adventures of the first team.  And this story has bee told and retold for the past 2 decades). This is just so awkward.

BTW.  Who is the girl on the left in the red blob?  No clue.

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