Sunday, February 14, 2010

FOX upset that mocking science isn't hip

Crooks and Liars notes the general trouble that FOX news is having following its continual mockery of Al Gore and the science behind Climate Change.

For some reason, comedians, news services, and commentators (other than George Will) are not joining the bandwagon FOX is starting.  And they think it is just unfair.  They decry the lack of skepticism (Funny, they like to be skeptical about science and Obama, but wars...let's not ask questions.).  Of course if they wanted to hang out with actual skeptics, they wouldn't enjoy it much.

There is still debate, in some quarters.  But FOX sought to sell heavy storms across the U.S. as proof  that damns all the other science studied for the last several years.  It snowed, global warming is not true.

They actually thought people would jump on to that plank?  It is so stupid.  Maybe they don't think so, but it lets them play at being the great Conservative victims of ancient Coulterian myth.

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