Thursday, February 04, 2010

Limbo, Limbo, LImbaugh

How low can you go?

It doesn't seem he is getting the attention he deserves. I mean, a lot of people listen to him...and he is a rather contemptible bastard. That seems note worthy even if Beck out crazies him, and Hannity and O'Reilly are some of the hardest working turd polishers around.
I mean this week, upon hearing that Rahm Emanuel said something untoward and un-PC about people with developmental issues, he got in there.  He even made sure to go further by saying these folk are retards, repeatedly.  And he was adamant about it.

Then there is his stand on climate change.  He has noted he is a creationist and as creatures of a god we cannot destroy our world.  What logic...

And then there are the ladies.  Crooks and Liars has video of his Rolly-Polliness confused and troubled about why women (feminazis) don't like him.  He then points to how he only hates those mean 'ol feminist and there evil.  He even goes on to be really really charming to suggest he does like women, particularly from behind (And I love Gretchen Carlson's frozen and uncomfortable look at his...wit). 

Think Progress notes the polling on his favorability.  He is at 37% with women.  I can't imagine how that many women could have "favorable" thoughts on him.  A nonnegative one, sure, but this.  Then with men, 56%.  56% of men are positively viewing this guy.  Really?  He is an asshole.  How?

It makes me think of the attitude that the British comedian Marcus Brigstock has to the Brit presenter Jeremy Clarkson (of Top Gear). He is an obnoxious right winger who denounces the idea of climate change, and can act like a bigot at times. Plus, as a presenter, he has a huge audience as he talks and struts like an overgrown child racing around in sports cars. And with his conservative turns, boyish love of cars/toys, and everyman portrayal, he is popular. The childishness covers over his negatives. He gets coverage and gets a lot of love, like Limbaugh.  This gets Brigstock apoplectic. With the poll numbers that Limbaugh has, I get the utter annoyance over it.

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