Saturday, February 20, 2010

Betweeen consciousness and communication

There was quite a stir over the story of Rom Rouben.  He is a Belgian man who is in a coma.  Last years his doctors announced that they believed he was conscious, after studies.

Then they added that facilitated communication was used to confirm and interact with him.  As many skeptics will know this technique is largely looked down on as it is incredibly easy to be manipulated, as a person who is disables is guided by another party in spelling out words.  Which can lead to intentional or just simply intuitive jumping around by the other party going where they think the patient would to point.

Rouben's doctors have done a study of the technique and now have presented on it and say it has no merit.  Most of us saw this coming.  But it is nice to have a high profile study done that may help put related shenanigans in there place.

At least we can hope it does.

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