Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Continued attacks on gays

Dire post from AMERICAblog.

In Malawi right now there is continued action against those determined to be and live lives as homosexuals.  It is a far too common assault to see across Africa.  And it is something we offer far too much of a blind eye to.

And as noted in the posting, it is one of many ridiculous issues, like attacking birth control and general condom usage.  They are things that aid society and save lives.  But many pious, with support in manpower, words, and cash coming from the United States, denounce it all.  We have seen many Catholics, including elected officials in England, denounce condoms with just outright lies.  It was much the same crap that gets spouted in the States when it comes to whether to teach and educate kids on sex.

Africa is a test bed, or “test lab”, for these ideas.  And we can see what they wrought, in those that tear their fellow human beings for being different, as they scare people out of safe social decisions (using condoms), and ignorance that is proudly promoted and propagated.

It is an important lesson, and pivot point.  A point ran largely out of the US.  Why is the accepted?  And why are the cost not, at least, being used to better inform us, if not gearing us to help stop the undermining other nations?

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