Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Death Star/Single Torpedo Conspiracy

An interesting piece was put together looking at the events leading to the destruction of the first Death Star (from the Star Wars films), and then the second one built.

How did one small missile destroy a planet scale place?  How did a group of snub fighters get through defenses that would have destroyed a fleet of ships?  Why was the whole of the TIE fighter force based on the Death Star not launched to wipe out the meager group of X-Wings?  Why was Skywalker seen aboard the Death Star just before it was destroyed?  What really happen to Kenobi, why do they say he died on the first Death Star, yet he was seen at an event after the second was destroyed?  Why was Han Solo payed a huge sum leading up to the battle?  Why was Vader seen flying away from the original Death Star just before it was destroyed?  And why was he seen fleeing the second with Skywalker?

Look at the Death Star conspiracy, and the disturbing reality that it was likely an inside job.

What's wrong with asking some questions?  Better yet, in knowing the film and looking at this you can see how a conspiracy is birthed from actual event to twisted "theory".

Here's the first related video.

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