Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paul "Social Security Cutting Randian" Ryan

Paul Ryan, a Republican rep from Wisconsin is doing the country or his party no favors.

He is a respected voice on budgeting and has put together an early budget from the Republican perspective.  It spells doom for Social Security and Medicare...hey, weren't these guys the only true defenders of these things last summer?  Well as a Rand lover he seems eager to privatize away Social Security to free us all.  I dread the thought of a Randian doctor, looking to liberate me from life support someday.  He seems like a guy that goes about flicking eggs out of nest to get them going early in life.  Privatized Social would that have gone last year?

He's also a big fan of the brain turd, Jonah Goldberg.  About as bad as being a fan or and quoting Glenn Beck.

Are Dems going to make a point of this stuff?  He represents a danger to peoples social safety net, will it be discussed?  I'm still waiting.

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