Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Liberal Media?

Crooks and Liars has a couple of good stories about what the big lib papers are churning out.

Washington PostWhy does the Washington Post hate liberals so much?

The post is seeking out stories to attack and mock liberals now?  Why?  And looking at the attitude involved the certainty about science is seen as condescending?  And it is suggested that while there may be some conservatives that are condescending, by far the vast majority of the trouble is coming from libs...really.  He puts forward that you NEVER here conservatives smearing coastal liberals as being disconnected from Midwestern values.  Has he never fucking heard a Rep politician spout?  Or a right winger on TV or radio speak?  California liberal values or East Coast liberal values, he's never heard these terms used as smears?  I have time and again for years.  This guy is so full of crap, and the Post sought him.

New York Times: GOP Whines About Health-Care Summit, NY Times Says 'There, There!'

In discussing health care the Times forward the claim that ideas on health care coming from the GOP is "well-developed".  Again, really?  I remember the Rep plan.  It was shit.  It was crap.  It was and is tort reform and tax cuts, that lead to nice campaign donations.  C&L look at the whole article and can't help but wonder if the paper just received and printed a press release.  

So what are the liberal bastions doing?  Bringing in Reps that are detached from reality to write hit pieces, and then taking a printing uncritical non stories touting Rep talking points.

Good job.

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