Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thanks MTP

I have been trying to find a good clear example that the media seems to have with the Pants Bomber story.

And Meet the Press today put it out there.

They had on this Republican rep in to explain how all fault falls on the Dems.  David Brooks was along to help.  Luckily Rachel Maddows was on as well. (Here's the video now.)

This guy from the House gave all the basic answers.  To the main point he throw out the claim that the Pants Man "clammed up" once he was mirandized.  Maddow was quick to jump in and call this the lie it is (He is still communicating intel.).  As she did it, the host, Gregory cut in.  Rather he tried, Maddow is good at getting her point out without being cut off.  So she pointed to the lie and what we were getting.  Then Gregory was able to finish by trying to minimize her point.

Which is the problem in the media.  We are getting the intel, and following the law.  But the media feels the need to step in and tsk tsk the events, as Reps are complaining.  The point seems to be that maybe the military could get more info.  Maybe, but maybe is we freed him we could have gotten even more data...that is the point any alternative may possibly work better.  But this way, with the FBI, we are being legally responsible...while getting the fucking intel we needed.  But the MAYBE in the room is being sold as unvarnished truth and the media seems to treat it as a valid and important point.

It ends up blocking out the success of the case against Pantsy, and also a way to end a conversation about what was being called a lie by Maddow.  And the lying by Reps has done a lot to blot out the success of the last year.  Jobs were created.  No they weren't.  Dems try to reform healthcare.  No, they want to steal your Medicare.  Dems cut some tazes.  No, only raises will occur with taxes.

And the controversy is the story.  Or the fact that Obama has caused the controversy and trouble.

It is like Maddow also pointed out in the show.  She called it "Washington common sense", and I call it the conventional wisdom, but the point is a position is talked up and treated like gospel, no matter the evidence to the contrary.  See the above points and then bipartisnship.  The president has tried to work with Reps repeatedly, Dems have sat with Reps.  But all that happens are demands for capitualtion, blockage, or stalling.  The Reps actually bragged about it last Summer.  But the media loves that conventional wisdom, and they love their conservative sources.  Mean old Obama, he never gives them a shot (Like they have at all the sit downs, or for the last 10 years.).

Thanks Gregory for exemplifying the points.

  • All sides are valid
  • Conventional wisdom is king.
  • Let's avoid the awkward debates. 

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