Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ST:VOY and the stupid things writers say

A new review came up and Star Trek Voyager, and looking at it made we think about an earlier review that was related.  The newer one deals with a mangled science versus religion story.  And the older review is about the wonders of "primitives".  Suffice to say they are both insulting pieces.

And with recent thoughts about the mishandling of multiculturalism and the dissing of real science.  These reviews seem both humorous emblematic of the troubles we face.

Sacred Ground - Science vs. Religion.  On one side the dogmatic rigid and unrelenting bastion of close mindedness and on the other side...religion.  I hope religion really just shows science the need to grow and learn.  Don't worry, it will.

Tattoos - Where we learn the nomadic indigenous tribes of ancient Earth had it right...and that they only knew future success because aliens came and helped them along.  Think of it like ST IV, where the whales are now Indians...are you insulted yet?   Wait until you see the isolationist religious zealot who is always inthe right.  You will be then.

Really, writers of these eps...hang your heads in shame and think about what you did.

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