Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olbermann and the need for real reform

Olbermann put out a pained Special Comment this night over health care.  Things are not going well for his severely ill father.  And he sees daily just how important his health care insurance is at this time of his life.  And looking at the pain and trouble that he and his father face...motivates him to push the White House and Congress to get the job done.  As well, he points to the need to damn those that turned the need to guarantee people get end of life aid and the chance to discuss those issues with a doctor.  It is important.  It isn't easy, but it is the difference between making and second guessing decisions and knowing what those you love need and want.  I know at times I am haunted by what decisions I made be called on to make one day as one's child, but what is worse is to make a rushed and uninformed decision.

And so those meeting Thursday morning really need to think and start acting.  No more blocking any reform.  No more one sided deals to industries.  No more talk of just coming back to it another year.

We, WE the people, need reform.  We need to cut through the bull and spin.  And this falls on the media as well.  Olbermann and Maddow can't take the brunt of this work.  People like Blitzer and the other anchors need to stop be disinterested brokers of data shunts.  Be damn journalist.

Video of the Special Comment

Daily Kos Diary entry from Olbermann on Special Comment

I just wanted add a thought as I have thought of the loathsome posturing of Rep. Boehner (the Boner).  All along he has played a role as a Panto villain.  The HCR bills are TOO LONG, then TOO SHORT.  He wanted media coverage, then the media coverage is all a trap for him.  He is a joke, a self made one.  And now, as a meeting he demanded and is welcomed at looms...what does he say?  "I'm going to crash the party."


It's his fucking meeting, and he is going to go all rogue on it?  In advance, with a presser for the media?  What crap.

People are dying, suffering, and being made to feel afraid.  And all he can think of is, "It's showtime."  Man loves his little hand mirror.  And he will bring about a great deal of suffering to this country in the hope of bolstering himself.

It's fucking shameless.

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