Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WH Press Corp - Holding their breathes

Apparently the WH Press Corp isn't cool with Gibbs having a sense of humor or a backbone.

  • A jab at Palin and her palm notes, is unfair and just not the right tone.
  • Criticism of a former VP who is attacking a nearly calling the president a dare Gibbs.

So...the Obama admin is not allowed to quip and chide opponents taking shots at them?

And Crooks and Liars looked back over the past decade and noted, when Snow and other press secretaries took shots, it was cool, even when it was at the press corp.

The common quip from conservatives snipping continually at the WH is that when Gibbs or other reply, that it isn't very bipartisan.  And the press corp joins in.

I guess the WH staff and Obama are literally supposed to be Christ like and just turn the other cheek as conservatives strike them in the head with large rocks.  It is ridiculous.  These are not hard hits at Cheney or Palin, they are jokey retorts to stupid shit.  But the press just attacks.  Really classy folks.  But they thought Jeff Gannon was one of them.

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