Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brennan bite

John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor, has come out and nicely gone after the BS coming from Rep and Conservatives over the Pant's Bomber.  He sets things straight and calls out Reps for politicizing the one thing the said should be beyond politics.

As AMERICAblog notes, this is what we need from the WH.  They need to be calling out lies, time and again.

When Gore ran for president he was constantly called a liar in the media, and it stuck.  The GOP is actually lying constantly.  Shouldn't they be tarred by their acts?

Now Sen. Kit Bonds wants him fired for standing us to them...and they didn't understand what he meant when told them what happen.

And as much as they want to go after Brennan now, they can't deny their timeline.  They were fine until Cheney told them they weren't.

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